The simple answer to this question is: Yes! KBT offers a wide range of products in all categories and levels of play development. Some products are more easy to use or have additional support mechanisms. Some products can be used in solitary or parallel play, others are specifically designed for cooperative group play.

Of course, when looking at our 3D-model of play and practical guidelines, the diversity of a playground lays in the mix of products and most of all, in the way they are installed and made accessible. A special needs swing, or wheelchair carrousel can only be used by a wheelchair user when they can actually reach it in an easy way.

In the below table you’ll find a small overview of some KBT products and their 3D-score. At the right side, you can find a short description. In our article about the 3D-model of play you’ll find more about what the scores mean.

A single product does not make a playground inclusive or accessible. To build an inclusive playground the wide mix of products should be provided to give every child of every age or ability, something to enjoy. Next to that all playground equipment and the surrounding space should be made basically accessible so that all children can actually move around and explore all the possibilities. More tips and info about how to build an inclusive playground, can be found in our practical guidelines.


About the authors:

Filip Gerits and Yves De Keuster are designers and researchers specialised in design and safety of activity toys and play infrastructure. For this topic we were happy to count on the indispensable support of a range of experts, children and parents with experience in the field of inclusive play. We especially like to thank Kathleen Op De Beeck - specialised in occupational therapy and inclusive education at AP – university college in Antwerp, Belgium – for her input and enthusiasm. We also thank the rest of the KBT development and sales teams for their valuable input and ideas. 

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